The Kansas River Valley Triathlon Club is 161 members strong, with members ranging from “newbie” to seasoned Ironman Veterans, Kona Qualifiers and World Champions.  Members range in age from 14 to 84.  No matter your age or ability, you’re welcome as a member!  

October 2017 New Members:

Cade Holmstead

Lindsay Holmstead

Hailey Webb (Holmstead)

Kennedy Holmstead

Mark Holmstead

Truman Holmstead

September 2017 New Members:

Blake McKeegan

Robin Welch

August 2017 New Members:

Missy Traskowsky

Jack Kane

Michael Young

July 2017 New Members:

Jeremiah Jorgensen

Audrey Schotte

Jason Howard

Bryce Bissell

June 2017 New Members:

Christopher Jonas

Laura Jonas

Brett Blazer

Jack Heckethorn

Joann Mix

Brian Mix

Meghan Mix

Sarah Mix

Emma Werlein

Tiffany Whetzel

Debora Shores

May 2017 New Members:

Cindy Johnson

Audrey Donovan

Jennifer Johnson

Shane Green

Amber Lane

Wendy Whitney

April 2017 New Members:

Jayson Cromley

Scott Randle

Allen Clouse

Stephanie Schmidt

Kathryn Wright

Julie Prather

March 2017 New Members:

Daniel Hirschler

Dustin Dunn

Eric McArthur

Earl Long

February 2017 New Members:

Leslie Schrandt

Curtis Whittit

January 2017 New Members:

Kacie Benteman

Michael Criss

December 2016 New Members:

John Strong

Violet Strong

November 2016 New Members:

Chris Coykendall

October 2016 New Members:

None 🙁

September 2016 New Members:

Adam Harris

July 2016 New Members:

Christopher Connell, Chase Shields, Steven Read, Lori Read, Elliott Read & Evan Read

June 2016 New Members:

Tammy Flickinger, Adam Gunnels, Karlene Ivy (welcome back), Andrew Stanton (welcome back), Clinton Randolph, Mark Andrews, Mark Tillison, Todd Smith & Hien Tran

May 2016 New Members:

Heather Gregg, John Bianco, Rob Boyle, Jan Gutschenritter (welcome back), Regan Biggs

April 2016 New Members:

JJ Vega, Megan Mueseler, Ashley Carpenter

March 2016 New Members:

Becky Hall (welcome back), Kyle Jones, Robin Shaw

February 2016 New Members:

Suzanne Foley, David Bryant (welcome back)











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