Amanda Kaegi

I am a K-State graduate, with a degree in Kinesiology. During my time at KSU, I was a member of the track and field team and competed in the hammer and weight throw. After I graduated, I remember watching the Ironman World Championships on television and was so impressed at how amazing the athletes were.  I was inspired to sign up for my first triathlon, the El Dorado Sprint in 2013.  I did another sprint distance race in summer of 2014 and married my husband, that fall.  Fast-forward 5 years – I was a momma to three amazing kiddos–and looking to start my fitness journey again.  I decided to get back into working out to focus on losing weight and getting healthier.

I was able to train through 2020 with so many races being canceled due to the pandemic.  In 2021, I competed in my first Olympic distance race at El Dorado and finished my first 70.3 distance in Arizona in October.   I am competing in three 70.3 races including Puerto Rico, Lubbock, and Boulder in 2022. I also signed up for my first full 140.6 distance– Ironman Florida 2022. I am so excited to push myself further than I ever thought possible!  I love this sport because you do not have to be a certain size or shape to be able to compete.  It is such a supportive and welcoming community that has allowed me to be able meet amazing people, some who will be lifetime friends of mine.  I love being able to help friends become a part of this amazing community of athletes and see what they can push themselves to accomplish.

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