2016 Mudwater Update

*** MUDWATER UPDATE (07/20) ***

Kansas Department of Health and Environment test results on samples taken of the Lake Afton water on Monday were relayed to us today. Unfortunately they still confirm indications of the blue-grenn algae bloom. KDHE is keeping the “Warning” status active,. Therefore we will NOT include a swim component to the triathlons or aquabike, regardless of persons willing to “take a chance”. Safety of the athletes is of utmost importance. We needed to wait on tests at the latest time possible to make sure of the water quality before making an announcement.

We are still discussing race format changes and waiting USAT recommendations/options. The the most likely scenario at this time is to substitute a short run for the swim. This is for Triathlon only. A one mile run for the Sprint, and a 2 mile run for the Olympic, preceding the regular bike and run distances for each race, is the leading option at this time. Aquabike will ONLY be a bike time trial, no run component. Final confirmation will be sent with athlete instructions Thursday night.

Thank you for your patience!

*** MUDWATER RACE UPDATE (07/19) ***

A couple of weeks ago, a blue-green algae warning was issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for Lake Afton. KDHE re-sampled the Lake on Monday, July 18th, and will have results by Thursday (July 21) afternoon.

If the warning is still in effect, race formats will be altered.  The most likely scenario is to substitute the swims with a run, but it won’t be the same as the planned duathlon distances.  We’ll keep the triathlon bike and final run distances as planned for the two triathlon events, but likely substitute a shorter first run for the swim according to the event; a 1 mile run for the Sprint Tri and a 2 mile for the Olympic?  The Aquabike will be a bike only “Time Trial”.   These are the most common format changes implements by other races when there are water issues.  Final word will be sent in the Athlete email on Thursday evening.

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