Don Henderson Contact

Don HendersonPresident

Don has been a competitive runner since high school and has completed 35 marathons to date – including 13 Boston Marathons with Top 200 finishes in 2005 & 2007.  Completing a Full Ironman at Age 50 was on Don’s “bucket list”, so he started triathlon training in 2007. Since then, Don has completed two Full Ironman, ten Half Ironman & one Full Aquabike events. READ MORE [+]

Don joined KRVTC in 2010 while still living in Rhode Island, became a Wichita resident in early 2013 & has been a KRVTC officer since 2014. Don’s wife Debbie and two sons (Derek in Virginia & Damon in Georgia) are also dedicated runners. Debbie also started doing triathlons a few years ago and has completed one Olympic + two Sprint triathlons to date.

Lisa Decker Contact

Lisa DeckerTreasurer

I grew up in Boston and moved to Wichita in 1989. I was always into fitness and participated in a lot of aerobics.  I played USTA competitive tennis for over 15 years and found I loved being outside.    In 2009, I started doing bootcamp classes at a local park and these guys were hard core.  We were outside 12 months of the year and that lead me to start running.   I did my first ½ marathon in Dallas in 2010.   A work friend then encouraged me to join triathlon through the Northwest YMCA in 2011 and I was hooked!   My favorite and most challenging distance is Olympic.   I am excited to server as treasurer this year and look forward to sharing my love of swim, bike & run with new and old friends.


Cody Barnett Contact

Cody BarnettSecretary

Cody grew up running in high school, and that has always been his first love.  However after being roped into trying cycling by his future wife, he grew to love being outdoors on two wheels.  Now he spends his time alternating between running, mountain biking, and road cycling, throwing in a duathlon now and then.  His goal is to keep people mobile and active in his role as owner and physical therapist at Bodyworx Physical Therapy & Concussion Center, specializing in treating runners and triathletes.  He believes multisport is an excellent vehicle to keep people healthy and active and he loves promoting the sport.

Jeff Usher Contact

Jeff UsherTraining

I have been an endurance athlete for almost 40 years, running my first marathon in 1977 at the KU Relays. I completed 5 marathons and have a PR of 2:47:19 from the Wichita Marathon in the early 1908’s. In 1981 a friend talked me into competing in the Topeka Tinman Triathlon.READ MORE [+]

With very little swim training and riding a Touring bike, I completed the race in 1 hour 57 min.  The following year I took an additional 4 minutes off that time. Over the years, running took a toll on my knees and I had to find a different endurance event. That is when I began racing bicycles. I have been racing bicycles for 22 years, having competed in Road Races, Multiday Stage Races, Mountain Bike races and now my current passion; Gravel races.  In 2004 I began hearing about Aquabike (swim/bike) racing in half- and full-Iron distance races.  Having been a childhood age group swimmer, I began competing in the half-Iron and full-Iron distance aquabikes; attaining a podium finish or win at every race.  I look forward to sharing my endurance experiences with KRV Tri Club members.


Richard Shaw Contact

Richard ShawRace Coordinator

I am a late bloomer when it comes to running or multisports.  I did some running in my Army days, but only because I had to.  I didn’t run my first marathon until I was 47, well after leaving the service.  There was no particular reason for running the marathon, just because it was on my bucket list.  Then a strange thing happened,  I got hooked!  I started running and training with other runners and participating in a few more marathons, including six consecutive Pikes Peak marathons, three doubles, and an assent.  In those days, I really enjoyed the friendship and camaraderie with my fellow runners.  My heart was full!  Then another strange thing happened, a tri-athlete from work challenged me to go beyond 26.2 miles and I wholeheartedly accepted the challenge!  READ MORE [+]

The triathlon journey started slow and undisciplined – starting with learning how to swim, staying upright on a bike without falling over, and some painful, preventable crashes.  Through it all, starting with an indoor Y.M.C.A. sprint, to a first Olympic distance at El Dorado, I eventually finished my first full RedMan after accepting that challenge a year before.  Since then, in the past four years, there were many long distance triathlon races, including seven Ironman races.  There are more challenges to come, so bring it on!

Out of all of this experience, what I enjoyed the most, was the new friendships built along the way, sharing the joy of encouragement and accomplishment through and through.  Having that said, I sincerely hope that I am able to bring out the best in others, a first timer or veteran athlete, to truly enjoy their own journey.  We are here for guidance, so you too can realize your racing goals!  Come join us and accept the challenge! 

Heidi Coble Contact

Heidi CobleRecruiting

I started competing in triathlons in 2007. I have competed at every distance but probably prefer the full Ironman distance races. To date I have completed IM New Zealand, IM Brazil, IM Arizona and IM Barcelona.

I co-own T3 Triathlon where I coach athletes at all levels. You can find us at if you are interested in on line or group training.READ MORE [+]

I have been married to my wonderful husband Carl (an amateur triathlon photographer) for 25 years and have an awesome training partner in Lilly, our 8 year old standard poodle.

I joined KRVTC several years ago and am thrilled to help grow triathlon in our area by serving on the board. Keep in tri-ing!

Ria Farmer & Tammy Alford Contact

Ria Farmer & Tammy AlfordMarketing

Ria: At cycle classes in 2007 I was introduced to the world of triathlon.  The multi-sport people would get off their bikes halfway through class and go run (a brick) and I was extremely intrigued with that concept.  So I started asking a lot of questions and began learning as much as I could about the sport.  I was always amazed (in years past) when people could swim lap after lap and not be winded.  READ MORE [+]

When I had the opportunity to learn how to swim in 2007 I was thrilled.  It has taken many years of swimming lap after lap to be an “okay” swimmer, but I love it.  In 2008 I raced my first triathlon and have completed many since then in Sprint, Olympic, 70.3, and 1/2 Aquabike distances.  Triathlon is a lifestyle; not just a race. I’ve been a KRVTC member since 2008.  This is an awesome club that is super supportive and welcoming to all people.  I am honored to help out as the marketing officer.  

Tammy: I am a life-long athlete and played ball sports in elementary, junior high, high school and college. I loved running, swimming, and biking for recreation. A friend invited me to train for a triathlon with her in 2012. That began my triathlon journey. 2012 was my 10 year anniversary of being Kidney Cancer free, so I trained for that first triathlon to celebrate that milestone. Due to physical limitations, I only do short distance triathlons, but I love to train and compete. Since 2012 I have completed several sprint and mini triathlons, run several 5k races and 2 half marathons. I did my first aquabike in June 2017.   I joined KRVTC in 2013 and joined the board in 2018. I love the Wichita triathlon community because they are so supportive of all who join this sport, not just the elite athlete.

Alan Farrington Contact

Alan FarringtonWeb Guy, NCC Nag, MW Dir. (non-officer)

Alan got off the couch and into Triathlon in 2005.  He has been involved with the club since 2006, serving as President (4 years), Race Coordinator (2 years), Treasurer (1 year), and Secretary (1 year).  He has also served as Mudwater Race Director for 11 years READ MORE [+]

and as the club web “hack” for 12 years.  Alan has competed in more than 40 triathlons from super-sprint to full iron-distance, along with 15 marathons, the Disney Dopey Challenge and other endurance events.  He and his wife reside in Wichita have two grown children.

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